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The Combative Body

Tissue Impact and Pre-Emptive Defense by Vladimir Vasiliev No muscle tightness or joint stiffness... No restrictions from stress, old injuries, or apprehensions... Moving freely without breaking, in a resolute, bold and steady action... Skillfully annealed body, shaped to prevail... A body without tension or fear - makes no mistakes and will not let you down... That is the body you need to survive confrontations, to excel in sports, and to live a rewarding life - THE COMBATIVE BODY. Presented to you by Systema master Vladimir Vasiliev, are exceptional practices of Tissue Impact, Bodyweight Massage, Percussive Massage, Joint Tapping and Visceral Pressures. Discover the direct connection between bodywork and preparation for combat. Take yourself far beyond the standard workouts and achieve explosive might in every cell of your body. Learn how the freedom of movement obtained from this unique bodywork leads to spontaneous and invincible Pre-Emptive Defense. Enjoy the supremacy of power formed from within. 1 hour 40 min. 16:9 WIDESCREEN

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