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Systema Russian Martial Art WRESTLING: Systema Fundamentals

Highly recommended, this new production WRESTLING: Systema Fundamentals, featuring the legendary Colonel Mikhail Ryabko. * Over 25 years of service with Russian Special Operations Units * Tactical Commander and Trainer of hostage rescue teams, counter- terrorist operations and armed criminal neutralization *Advisor to the Minister of Justice of Russia *Founder and Chief Instructor of Systema Based on his profound knowledge of Systema and vast military experience, Mikhail gives you the core, the very essence of Wrestling, the True Foundation to any Combat including the strategies to develop Breathing, Avoid Injuries, Maximize your Body and Strengthen your Psyche. From basic form and movement he provides you with exceptional Dynamic-Free-Flow Drills, teaches you to unlock your Ultimate Potential and free yourself from your worst opponents - Tension and Fear. This program is unlike anything that youve ever seen before! See for yourself, why in the world of martial arts, Mikhail Ryabko is called The Master of Fighting and The Master of Teaching and take your combat preparation to the next level!

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