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Systema Russian Martial Art Systema Fighting in the Water

by Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Komarov of Russias Special Operations Units Imagine being held under water while your lungs are pounded with the air-expelling strikes picture yourself shoved face down to the bottom of the lake as the attacker tramples your back what if a blade is emerging out of the water ready to slice your throat This film will show you how to survive such dreadful adversities. and not just to survive but to avoid panic, to stay in control and handle your opponent no matter how hopeless it gets. Unprecedented in the martial arts training world, now you can see all this action IN THE WATER: * conditioning exercises * kicks & punches * escapes from holds * precision strikes & instant takedowns * rolls to evade drowning * knife disarmings * and the most challenging no-bottom fighting. Learn: * specialized breath training drills to save your life and rescue others * maximize the reserves of your psyche * compress and expand your breath cycle & your internal time scale * push yourself beyond your physical limit without the stress to your nervous system * use water to conceal your actions * build a field sauna * see water not as a limitation to your moving and breathing, but as the perfect tool to work directly with your Fear, conquer your Panic, master Self-Control and add a new depth to your combat skill and to understanding yourself. Includes live action training scenes from a Systema survival camp.

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