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Systema Russian Martial Art Systema Escape from Holds

Most assaults start with a vicious grab or choke You need to escape instantly and defeat the attacker completely. Vladimir Vasiliev of the Russian Special Operations Unit, a Co-Founder and Chief Instructor of the Russian Systema combat art, bypasses the sport techniques and memorizing of patterns. Vasiliev had to escape from such ruthless holds, savage strangulation, such injurious locks and lethal grips of conflict, that he can give you more ways to break free than you can ever imagine! Youll learn to control practically anything: One & Two-Arm Holds, Wrist & Elbow Locks, Throat Grabs & Guillotine Chokes, Bear Hugs & Nelsons, Rear-Naked Chokes, Takedowns, with one or two assailants, from any stage of hold application! But there is more In this rare presentation, Vasiliev takes you to a real class at his school to disclose how his students master Escapes in a PERFECT TRAINING PROGRESSION. No experience needed just watch, learn and absorb as Vasiliev makes you unlockable, unpinnable and unbreakable!

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