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Systema (RMA) Counter Knife Work I consider knife to be one of the most dangerous weapons that one could face on the street and when training our hand to hand combat skills we work hard on knife work standing, on the ground and in confined spaces, including blade against another blade, knife against unarmed multiple opponents, knife against a stick or a staff and barehanded against a blade. Most likely scenario would have unmatching weapons and bare hands against a blade. It is important to recognize the nature of the threat early and not to get into a sparring mode when facing a blade. You could afford to take some punches, but every stab and/or cut is potentially lethal or handicapping, although a human can definitely survive through a battery of non lethal wounds, so do not be afraid, as fear restricts your blood flow and muscle activity, just take it seriously. Most important is to stay calm and relaxed by controlling your breathing. You should keep your feet and body moving, engage at the right moment or evade otherwise if possible, shock and damage your opponent with precise strikes to vital targets and merge with his lines of attack, rather then to block. Once you make contact with your knife swinging opponent you need to stay in contact in order to feel his next move, create damage via strikes and move to the side or behind him. I always consider a multiple opponent possibility even when I believe there is just one opponent, so I prefer to move behind the attacker in order to ...

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